Travel and Jetlag IV

Travel and Jetlag IV
Whether you’ve recently returned from that once in a lifetime trip around the world, you’re a jet-setting executive or flight attendant who constantly travels for work, or even a night shift worker whose sleep schedule is out of whack from crazy hours; this IV will help you get back to your normal routine and feel better practically overnight.

We use B-complex to strengthen your immune system, meaning this IV infusion can be useful before and after long trips to help protect you with more energy and higher immunity.

You may notice the powerful effect of your body’s normal circadian rhythm when you travel to another time zone and realize the difference between your biological and the local clock, a phenomenon known as “jet lag.” Because of its ability to induce wakefulness and increase sensitivity to light, vitamin B-12 can help your body shift your internal clock and adjust to your new time zone. However, upon returning back home, you will likely again experience jet lag, as your body must readjust to your regular time zone. So repeating the vitamin B for jetlag recovery is helpful.

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