HPV is a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Human papillomavirus (HPV) test is done to find a high-risk HPV infection in women and HPV test checks for the genetic material (DNA) of the human papillomavirus. Like Pap Smear, sample of cells collected from the cervix is taken for test. This test will identify whether a high-risk type of HPV is present. In women, high-risk types of HPV such as types 16, 18, 31, and 45 cause changes in the cells of the cervix.

Abnormal cervical cell changes may resolve on their own , but some untreated cervical cell changes can progress to serious abnormalities and may lead to cervical cancer over time if it is not treated.

There are many types of HPV. Some types cause warts that you can see or feel. Other types do not cause any symptoms. Most people do not know they have an HPV infection.

An HPV test is for:

One or more high-risk types of HPV in women who had a Pap Smear’s result that showed abnormal cervical cells. If an HPV test shows that high-risk types of HPV are present, further testing, such as a colposcopy or cervical biopsy, may be recommended.
For women older than age 30 as part of screening for abnormal cervical cells.

What To Prepare?

Before an HPV test, do not douche, use tampons, or use vaginal medicines for at least 48 hours.
You will be asked to empty your bladder just before the test, both for your own comfort and to help with the examination.

What Is The Procedure?

An HPV test can also be done on a cell sample taken during your Pap Smear if a technique called a liquid-based Pap test was used. For a liquid-based Pap test, cells are collected by rotating a plastic brush on the cervix. The samples are then placed in a jar of solution and sent to a lab for examination. If you have this type of Pap test and it shows abnormal cells, an HPV test may be done later on the same sample.

After The Procedure

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  • You may have a small amount of vaginal bleeding or discharge after this test.
  • Do not have sex until your doctor tells you it is safe to do so.



A human papillomavirus (HPV) test is done to find a-high risk HPV infection in women. HPV test results are generally available in 1 to 2 weeks. PrimaNora Medical Centre’s staff will inform the results of patient’s HPV test.

A positive HPV test does not mean that you have cervical cancer. It may mean that you are infected with one or more high-risk types of HPV, which increases your chance of having precancerous cervical cell changes. An HPV test is done only for women. If you are age 26 or younger, you can get the HPV shot.

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