Music in the womb

You may have heard claims that prenatal music stimulation can promote intelligence, creativity and advanced development. The scientific jury is still out on this, because different studies show different results. Read More

What to Expect at Your Diabetes Test

Whenever possible, our clinical staff at PrimaNora Medical Centre are always ready with meaningful information for our patients that can help them better their quality of life. As Diabetes Awareness comes around again this month, we hope that our patients Read More

Eat Your Way to Better Health—Here’s How!

Feeding our body nutritious foods is the first thing we should consider before expecting our body to respond to exercise and external efforts to be healthy and well. There are so many benefits to eating complex foods that give us Read More

Stem Cell Therapy and Anti-ageing

Stem cells have been the centre of attention for many different conversations around the world. Most people think of stem cells only as embryonic stem cells, but there are actually a larger number of stem cells throughout the body that Read More

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