Anti-ageing treatment goes beyond the cosmetic enhancements that most medical facilities provide. At PrimaNora Medical Centre, we have created an anti-ageing and advance preventive medicine programme that not only focuses on your appearance but the extension of your life as a whole.

The goal of our preventive medicine programme is to prolong your quality of life and healthspan, which also includes increasing the total amount of years you are able to live. However, it’s not enough to simply live longer; our physicians want to ensure that you enjoy getting older and continue to lead a productive life.

Anti-ageing medicine, or what we refer to as advance preventative medicine, makes it possible to slow down, stop or reverse the many qualities that make you look and feel older. Degenerative diseases and physical deterioration are all common to the natural ageing process but with preventive medical care, it doesn’t have to be. At PrimaNora, we want to extend the quality of your existence so that you find happiness in optimum wellness for a lifetime.


Part of being proactive involves using intravenous nutrient therapy, bioidentical hormones & regenerative medicine to improve your physicality, which we are able to do using cellular therapy. Stem cell therapy essentially allows us to replace the damaged cells in your body with newer cells that enhance your body’s functionality.

Our body’s functionality and our overall wellbeing are impacted by numerous factors. Environmental pollutants, sun damage, a lack in physical exercise and a fatty diet can all lead to early on-set ageing. If you are engaging in a lifestyle that is otherwise seen as hazardous to your health, now is the time to become proactive and limit the activities that have debilitating effects.

What Is Cellular Therapy?

Cellular therapy has improved vascular flow, regenerated cells that were damaged, and increased growth factors that work to combat degenerative diseases. It can also aid in the functionality of internal organs, improving your mood, boosting your sex drive and enhancing your appearance.

Within PrimaNora’s clinical setting, your physician can help:

  • Boost your immune response: The immune system tends to weaken as we continue to age but we have seen both a stimulation in immune response and an increase in its ability to prevent sickness.
  • Improve your inflammatory process: As we age, we become more prone to injury, which can cause painful inflammation in our bodies.
  • Balance your hormones: For women, hormone imbalances are common, especially during pregnancy and menopause. It reduces side effects and levels hormone production overall.
  • Regenerate cells for healing: Speed up the healing process, recover liver cells and restore damaged nerves in the body, for an excellent option for older individuals who are noticing the decline of their physical ability.


It’s easy to view the ageing process as a gradual decline in the natural substances that once helped us look youthful but cellular therapy changes this assumption. The biological status of your cells will become normalised and your metabolic processes will improve.


Cellular therapy and other anti-ageing medications, like hormone therapy, are an effective solution for patients over the age of 40 and who refuse to comply with the idea that ageing always leads to a sickly existence.

During a consultation with your physician, you can discuss any inclinations you may have about noticing the natural signs of ageing and together, you can decide whether cellular therapy is a viable option for you.

Through IV administration, we increase cell respiration has created many indications of usage in addition to reversing the ageing process, including:

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Depression or insomnia
  • Chronic headaches or back pain
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Sexual deficiency
  • Intellectual and physical disabilities
  • Diseases in the nervous system

Cellular therapy has also been used as a rehabilitation technique during post-operative care and has shown to improve the prognosis of chronic diseases in the digestive organs. If you would like more information about anti-ageing and preventive medicine, contact PrimaNora Medical Centre at +603 7728 2886 and schedule a consultation with one of our physicians.

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