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Datuk Dr Nor Ashikin has built close relationship with the media. She has appeared in print, audio as well as electronic media since 1991. Being influential in women’s health, Datuk Dr Nor Ashikin has been invited over and over again by the media as regular column contributor through her very own column in major newspapers and magazines.

Title Date
Penjagaan Wanita January 2017
The importance of vitamin B12 September  – 2016
Is a sexless marriage a reason to divorce? August 2016
Fat is not the enemy, you just need to understand it July – 2016
7 lies you have been told about cheating and affairs July – 2016
Why you feel sleepy even when you’ve enough sleep June – 2016
Why it is important to control your sugar intake during Ramadan June – 2016
Why glutathione is important to us May – 2016
Ladies, not satisfied in bed? The O-shot might be what you need May – 2016
9 superfoods to fight ageing April – 2016
Know your hormones for better health (Part 2) March – 2016
The importance of hormone balance for your fertility health (Part 1) March – 2016
The effects of oestrogen dominance in men February – 2016
The effects of over-the-counter-cosmetics and cosmeceuticals on your skin January – 2016
How you age may depend on hormonal balance December – 2015
How lactic acid affects your workout December – 2015
Women, Children and the Haze November-2015
Safety to Take Melatonin While Pregnant? November-2015
Weight Issues in Menopause October-2015
Learn about lady parts October-2015
Music In The Womb May-2011
Stressing It Out May-2011
Gettin A Second Opinion Apr-2011
An App A Day Apr-2011
Quirks Of Ovulation Apr-2011
A Rite Of Passage Mar-2011
Infertility Issues Mar-2011
Living With Herpes Feb-2011
After Caeser Jan-2011
Vaksinasi Hpv Dunia Bebas Kanser Serviks Jan-2011
Sex In Mars, Love In Venus Jan-2011
Ageing Pipes Dec-2010
To Forgive Is Healthy Dec-2010
Ageing Gracefully Nov-2010
It’s A Real Headache Nov-2010
Foods For Gals Oct-2010
She’s Immune Oct-2010
Improving Relationship Sex Sep-2010
Fight Your Fatigue Sep-2010
Sexy Health Aug-2010
Top 10 Dieting Mistakes Aug-2010
Crash And Burn Jul-2010
A Belly Good Wrap Jul-2010
Bleeding Women Jun-2010
Raging Hormones May-2010
Girl’s First Scans May-2010
Her First Period May-2010
The Battle Of The Bulge May-2010
Sleepless In KL Apr-2010
Bugs In The Gut Apr-2010
Eating For Baby Mar-2010
The Plan Mar-2010
Something’s Fishy Feb-2010
Stretch Mark Woes Feb-2010
Floored by the pelvis Jan-2010
Finding Breast Cancer Genes Jan-2010
The Morning After …, Dec-2009
Having A C-Section Dec-2009
Why Some Miscarry Dec-2009
Untimely Pause Nov-2009
Sex And The Pregnant Women Nov-2009
Don’t Stress It Nov-2009
H1N1 And Pregnancy Oct-2009
No More Babies Sep-2009
Gift Of Life Sep-2009
Fluoride Folly Aug-2009
Sleep Tight Aug-2009
A Painful,Bleeding Experience Jul-2009
Such Gall Jul-2009
Stuffed Guts Jun-2009
Stringing Up My Gs May-2009
Mirror, Mirror On The Wall May-2009
Sad And Saggy May-2009
Look At That Fatty Acid Apr-2009
Hitting, The G-Spot Apr-2009
Concerns About Colorectal Cancer Mar-2009
When Love Hurts Mar-2009
Staying Healthy, Girl To Granny Mar-2009
When Women Smoke Feb-2009
That Burning Feeling Feb-2009
Talcum Powder and Cancer Jan-2009
Slim and Sleek Jan-2009
The Killer Shoes Nov-2008
Not Red Enough Nov-2008
Planning Families With Hormones Nov-2008
The Baby Blues Sep-2008
Post-pregnancy Healing Sep-2008
Feeling Yeasty Aug-2008
Support The Rubber Industry Aug-2008
When It’s Not Just PMS Jun-2008
The Mating Game Jun-2008
Cysts In The Ovaries May-2008
Hairy Belle Apr-2008
Just Leaky Feb-2008
Losing A Baby Jan-2008
Looking For A Perfect Bra Dec-2007
To Vaccinate Or Not Dec-2007
No More Cervical Cancer Nov-2007
Sexual Problems Nov-2007
Sorry Dear, I have a headache Oct-2007
Golden Relationships Sep-2007
Controlling Birth Sep-2007
Sex During Pregnancy Sep-2007
Nine Months – The Star, Health At Large Aug-2007
I’m So Leaky – The Star, Health At Large Aug-2007
Nectar of The Gods – The Star, Health At Large Aug-2007
Check This – The Star, Health At Large Jul-2007
Help, There’s Blood! – The Star, Health At Large Jul-2007
What Do You Know About STDs? – The Star, Health At Large Jun-2007
The Discharging Matters – The Star, Health At Large Jun-2007



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