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PrimaNora Medical Centre Sdn. Bhd. is a full-service healthcare provider for women and their family. We specialize in forward-thinking areas of Genetics, Longevity and Healthy Aging. As healthcare professionals who have dedicated our lives to studying health and well-being, we find that genuine health begins at the very core; while others may seek to treat illnesses, we aim to prevent it


The PrimaNora Approach



By studying your own personal genetic make-up, we can learn and understand a lot about how your body functions. Everyone has a unique genetic make-up that determines how strong your immunity system is, and it even reveals the diseases you are more likely to contract. This helps you prevent future diseases you never knew were there. Learn more about Genetics >



Did you know that what you’re eating is probably not being absorbed by your body? Each one of us metabolizes food and energy differently, thus each one requires different levels of nutrients that help combat sickness and disease. Knowing the inner workings of your body will give clues to the right nutrients you need for a healthier, stronger physical body. Learn more about Nutrition >


Healthy Aging

Nobody can add years to your lifespan; we naturally start aging the day we were born. We can, however, increase our healthspan – the state of living healthy longer – throughout our lifetime. Our ultimate goal is to treat patients the way we treat ourselves – by giving you the right knowledge and options to live your healthiest lives. We treat the body alongside mind and emotions, because that is what a holistic human experience is all about. Learn more about Our Treatments >


“We Believe in Finding the Solution in You.”


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